We will gladly accept the change or return of a ring purchased and sized in our online store. 

However as You want to wear Your jewelry and get it right on the first try,
we recommend to measure Your size based on the guide below. 

Please print this size guide and for accuracy please be sure to print it at 100%. 

We have 2 simple tests for You to be able to measure the ring size at home for You
or for Your loved one. 


Cut a small piece of non-strechy string or ribbon. 
Wrap it snugly around Your finger for an accurate measurement. Wrap it tight, but not too tight - You want Your ring to be comfortable. 
Mark the point with the pen on the string where it overlaps forming a circle. 
Print the sizing chart and compare the length of Your string with our chart. Thats Your ring size.

  • Print our chart of sizing circles. 
  • Find a ring that Your loved one currently wears. 
  • Make sure she wears the ring in the finger You are shopping for. 
  • Place the ring on top of each circle until You find a perfect match. The match should be perfectly inside the ring. This is her size!
For more accurate results ask someone to help You with Your measurements. 
It always good to double check. 

For our bracelets please check the measurements from product information.